TO Style Graffiti

Toronto style graffiti definitely has a strong linear pseudo script component with lots of color, border, and shading style of late. Often it explodes over the wall as if in a bluster of excitement or rage:

But more sophisticated painterly finishings like 3d forms, color graduations, and more active backgrounds, just like on Websites, are starting to appear.

The second trend is to incorporate wall and street features directly into the graffiti. Some of the designs  like the Marina wall are very clever

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Indeed now when visiting a graffiti site I look for nifty inclusions.

The third feature is more masterworks where whole sections of walls are are covered in fascinating fashion. Take a look:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Indeed, the graffiti is now influencing my phtofinishing styling:

Pictures from the Humber Fall series. So if you see some graffiti around Toronto town that catches your eye send me a photo and I will include on the website with your permission. Pictures and comments to: jbsurv@the .


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